"I never knew that quitting smoking could be so rough! I've only been smoking for about 4 years and tried to quit for the first time about 2 months ago. It's brutal! After downloading this app, I was able to wean myself off my original cigarette addiction of almost a pack a day. I'm down to 3 cigarettes per day now thanks to this app."
    — Danny B.

"What a brilliant system. This is similar to how drug addicts get doses of their drugs to wean themselves off. You should charge atleast a dollar for this app."
    — Will

"Ummmm....okay. It works, but you have to want to quit, obviously."
    — Sherry L.

"One word....awesomesauce."
    — Jose P.

You, yes you, can quit smoking! You don't have to do it "cold turkey," you don't have to worry about chewing nasty gum, and you don't have to worry about gaining weight because you can't smoke anymore.

So you're probably thinking, how in the world can a phone app help me quit smoking? It might seem hard to believe, but Smoker Reducer CAN help you quit smoking.

There are no magic potions, no secret words to say while you soak your feet in goat's milk; just the usage of a very unique idea that was developed to treat addicts of other drugs. We just applied this method to cigarettes (which contains nicotine, one of the most addictive substances known to man), and made an app that schedules your smoking habits throughout the day. Gradually, day by day, you will smoke less and less.

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