How Does Smoker Reducer Work?

In order for Smoker Reducer to be effective for you, it is important to understand exactly how it works. The goal of Smoker Reducer is to gradually decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. Smoker Reducer is a rigid scheduling system designed to gradually wean you off this horrible addiction.

The Smoker Reducer app uses your average consumption of cigarettes per day and spreads this number over the hours that you are awake. To be simplistic, if you are awake 10 hours per day and smoke 10 cigarettes per day, you essentially smoke 1 cigarette every hour that you are awake. Smoker Reducer is a simple android app scheduler that will tell you when it is time to smoke a cigarette. Using this example, the program will remind this user to smoke a cigarette every 60 minutes on the first day. On day number 2, it will slightly increase this interval, reminding the user to smoke a cigarette ever 62 minutes. On day three, it will remind the user to smoke a cigarette every 65 minutes, and so on. The goal is to gradually decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke per day by gradually increasing the time interval between each of the cigarettes you smoke. It is understood that some irregularities in your daily schedule might hinder the use of a system like this. Smoker Reducer has some built-in functions to help compensate for these irregularities.

How to Setup and Use Smoker Reducer

  • Install Smoker Reducer

Download and install Smoker Reducer by clicking the Download Button below or just search for Smoker Reducer on the Android market with your phone.

  • Tell Smoker Reducer Your Habits

After you install and open the program, navigate to the Settings tab. Input ALL of your habits as indicated below and then select begin schedule. If you messed up or want to start over, just tap the Master Reset option.

  • You can modify the "First Cig" time and "Bed Time" when the schedule is not running if you plan to wake up earlier or go to bed later the next day.

Smoker Reducer Settings Tab
  • When does it begin?

Smoker Reducer will begin immediately if the current time is within your waking hours. If you are starting the schedule at a time outside of your waking hours (eg. you're in bed messing with your phone and installing random apps), it will ready itself the next day 20 minutes before you smoke your first cigarette. After starting the scheduler, you should consult the "Daily Status" tab to start each day or see what is the current state of the schedule.

If the current time is within your waking hours, you'll see this:
Smoker Reducer Daily Status Tab Running
If the current time is not within your waking hours, you'll see this:
Smoker Reducer Daily Status Tab Not Running
Arrow Right
The next day, you will see this when Smoker Reducer is ready:
Smoker Reducer Daily Status Tab Not Running
  • It's time to smoke!

When it's time to smoke a cigarette, Smoker Reducer will alert you with a notification sound, vibration, and a notification is placed in the status bar of your phone. You will be prompted to choose "Smoke Cig" or "Bank It" as shown below:

Smoker Reducer Daily Status Tab Running

  • If you're going to smoke a cigarette right now, choose "Smoke Cig."

  • If you can't, or even better, you don't want to smoke a cigarette, choose "Bank It!."

  • Cigarettes that are "Banked" are yours for the taking. They can be smoked whenever you wish throughout the day. It's a good idea to become accustomed to "Banking" cigarettes as it will allow for you to still have some control over when you can smoke a cigarette.

  • To smoke a banked cigarette, press the menu button on your phone while viewing the "Daily Status" tab.

  • User Statistics

Check the Statistics tab to see how you're doing. You can compare your current schedule statistics against your original habit, see how much money you're saving now that you're smoking less, and see achievements that you've earned during your journey to quitting smoking.

Smoker Reducer Settings Tab
  • Schedule Completion

Finish the schedule, it goes until you quit smoking or you literally quit on yourself.

  • Hints and tips...
  • Get used to Banking cigarettes AND not smoking that banked cigarette until sometime after your next scheduled cigarette.
  • As your interval gets longer, so does the time between your last cigarette and your bedtime. This will be the toughest challenge of the day, as you need to refrain from smoking until you go to sleep. You can either smoke your last cigarette later, or use banked cigarettes during that time.
  • Use the wake-up reminder to remind you when smoker reducer is ready.

Download Smoker Reducer for Android

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